Prominent features
1. Security

In addition to being located in the safest area in district 1, the apartments are extremely safe with 24/24 security, fingerprint lock at entrance door and fingerprint lock at every unit door. High quality camera system is added to the assurance of this security.

2. Lift

Branded imported Mitsubishi lift is fast-speed, reliable.

3. Fire protection & fire fighting system

The buildings own automatic sprinkler fire-fighting system and automatic fire alarm system.

4. Electricity

24/24 back-up generators.
Earth-leakage protection electrical equipment.

5. Sound-proof

Doors and windows of the unit are double-glass sound-proof which offer complete serenity and privacy.

6. Other utilities

Reliable facilities systems i.e. water supply, 24/24 back-up generator, high-speed leased line wifi and cable internet will ensure your comfort to work at home or access smart TV and internet for your favorite programmes.

7. Professional services

Professional team of housekeeping, laundry & ironing clothes.